MEDILABS, is an innovative model comprehensively designed and dedicated to the medical fraternity with complete healthcare professional team. Medilabs laboratory department caters the services in the fields of clinical biochemistry, clinical pathology and microbiology with the advanced technical support and professionally managed expert team, producing excellent reliable results for the diagnostic medical fraternity.

Referral Laboratory

The expert team of Medilabs, will be available for the practicing clinicians, to diagnose their patients prefixing and delivering their healthcare needs.

Hospital Lab Management

Medilabs professional team focuses more on helping the clinicians, with the multispecialty clients to cater to their laboratory services. This model is a comprehensive methodology, to reduce the work load of a clinician and focus more on to their clinical practice. As we have the expertise in complete range of laboratories, we can help the clinical partner to reduce their work load TAT, and operations of the laboratory. We are available to support the Multispeciality Hospital, Nursing Homes and Poly clinics to operate medical laboratory services at their premises.

Corporates and Onsite Programs

Medilabs, emphasises more on the occupational health, because occupational health hazard is one of the most challenging aspects for the Industrial Sectors. Our (COP) team will help the corporate more on preventive Health checkup programs and onsite health camps. We have Partnered with several corporate for the annual and pre employment health check program also to support on the various health related awareness programs and provide complete cover to the employees and their dependants. We have also tied up with major Insurance and TPA to serve the patients.

Personalised Services

Medilabs offer personalized services to senior citizens, and physically challenged clients by taking the services to their doorstep. Medilabs' professionally trained executives will be available for house visits and sample collection.